Detail K2 Big Dump 1100 Pound Electric Power Dump Cart - OPD811

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When you have work to do and stuff to move, and you want to get the work done fast, the Detail K2 All-terrain Big Dump (OPD811) moves up 1100 lbs like it's nothing!

With self-drive electric power, you can drive, run, and work your Big Dump for an avg of 6 hours on one charge. Charge time is ~5 hours.

An electric hydraulic lift cylinder tips bucket to 90 degrees vertical to clean and dump your load. No need to shovel everything out or strain to tip a heavy load anymore! For more safety, the dual front-wheel drive, and throttle bar speed control with articulated floating rear wheels keep your load level and steady even over less than fully stable ground and with ease.

The cart runs forward and Reverse at 6 MPH to quickly move around your job site. Get the job done fast with the OPD811!


Full Specifications

  • Hydraulic Electric Ram
  • Capacity: 1100 lb; 8 cubic feet; 45-gallons
  • Sealed steel bucket
  • Articulated rear axle with 18" control handles
  • All-terrain tires good on sand, gravel, dirt, mud and snow
  • Drive Wheels: 16 X 6.5-8
  • Rear Wheels: 11 X 4-4
  • 48V 20AH batteries included (4 12V batteries in a series)
  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Run time average: 6 hours
  • Max speed: 6 MPH
  • Vertical dump: 90 degrees
  • Crated Dimensions: 52" x 34" x 32"
  • Shipped Weight: 616 lbs
  • Weight: 572 lbs
  • Warranty: 3-year chassis parts warranty on manufacturer defects, 3 years on Kohler Engine, engine by the manufacturer
  • SKU: OPD811
  • Detail K2

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